Baby Girl Diet

Baby Girl Diet

We all know that diet is important when trying to conceive a baby but, did you know that diet can even play a role in the gender of the baby you and your partner conceive. This is because different foods can affect the pH of your body and provide different nutrients that favor the conception of a girl

The reason pH is so important is because the sperm that carry the X (female) chromosome survive better in an acidic environment. However, not all acid foods are equal when it comes to helping your body become more acidic overall. It is also important  to include foods high in magnesium and calcium as these nutrients can help to create an environment that suits the X sperm.

The following foods/food groups are the best things to build your “baby girl diet” around. Remember, a well balanced diet is important and you should not exclude healthy options like vegetables just because they’re not acidic. They still provide you with many benefits and if you’re actively including acid promoting foods important like vegetables will not have a negative effect, even if they’re more alkaline.



Spinach is a great food to include in your diet when you’re trying for a baby girl due to its high magnesium content. To make the most of including spinach in your diet try to combine it with a lean protein source like trimmed beef or chicken. Lean meats also help to create an acidic environment in your body.


Surprisingly, the best fruits for helping your entire body reach an acidity most suited to conceiving a girl are not citrus fruits. Plums, prunes and cranberries are actually a much better choice. This is because citrus fruit actually have an alkaline effect when you eat them because of the body’s reaction to their extremely high acidity.

Citrus fruits should also be eaten in limited amounts because they may cause digestive problems as well. Plums, prunes and cranberries are still acidic fruits but their effects are not extreme which means that they actually help increase your acidity. They also provide other nutrients that are important in an overall healthy diet like vitamins, fiber and antioxidants.


glass_of_milkMilk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products have always been recommended for a healthy diet during pregnancy because of their high calcium content but if you want to improve your chances of having a baby girl they are equally important in the months leading up to your pregnancy while your are trying to conceive.

Yogurt is probably the best choice when it comes to diary as it needs to be acidic in order for the cultures to actually form the yogurt in the first place. Also, if you like sweetened yogurt sugar is known for creating an acidic environment in your body however, too much sugar is not healthy so be mindful of this.


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