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Plan My Baby – “Prince or Princess” Review

plan-my-baby-reviewA lot of couples want to be able to choose the sex of their baby for many different reasons. There are several products available that can help you achieve your dreams of having your desired child or family. Prince or Princess is one of these products that may be able to help. If you want to conceive either a boy or girl this review of Prince or Princess will help you decide if this is the right product for you.

What is Prince or Princess?

Created, used and tested by Alicia Pennington, a mid-wife of 12 years who wanted to perfect natural baby gender selection methods, Prince or Princess is a natural, safe and risk free preconception 3-step method that has been hand picked from proven methods and developed into these easy steps based on science, research and results.

A lot of women and couples think that the gender of their baby comes down to either pure luck or by following some superstitious Chinese calendar. Alicia developed this program to help provide a credible and proven method to help women avoid the situation one her patients experienced; severe post natal depression because she had a baby girl when she had really wanted a baby boy to complete her family.

This experience led her to research 100% natural and safe preconception methods that she then tested and refined to create her easy 3-step Prince or Princess guide.

What do we have to do?

Step 1 teaches you how the timing of ovulation can influence factors in your body like pH, basal body temperature and cervical mucus among other things and how timing intercourse around these factors is vital to target the right conditions for either a boy (eg high pH) or a girl (eg low pH).

Step 2 shows you how different diets can create an environment suited to ‘X’ (female) or ‘Y’ (male) sperm. The diets are easy to prepare and follow and are based around including or omitting foods that affect your body’s pH. Alicia also provides you with information about how foods can help or hurt pregnancy in general, making this a valuable resource regardless of your baby’s gender.

Step 3 identifies the different sex positions that help place either the ‘X’ or ‘Y’ sperm in the best position for fertilization. Don’t worry, these positions are not complicated ‘karma sutra’ techniques either, they are normal, easy and even come with sketched graphics to make sure you fully understand the best position for your preferred baby gender.

But does it work?

Alicia states that she doesn’t expect anyone to blindly trust her and has therefore identifies that one of the best things about this method is that it in not some new, unproven ‘idea’. When using the Prince and Princess guide you can be assured that the steps are explained scientifically and logically and that nothing is left out or based on superstition.

Not only that, the 3-step program was developed form methods that had already been shown to be effective and the Prince or Princess guide itself was tested, not only by Alicia herself (she used this method to conceive a baby girl first and then a boy), but she also had a 94% success rate when she used this method with 117 of her patients that also wanted to choose their baby gender. That means 112 of the 117 couples who used this method conceived the baby they’d dreamed of.

Possibly the most important factor is that the Prince or Princess guide is backed by a 60 day 100% money back guarantee and the official website for this product is serviced through Clickbank™ so you know that if you decide to invest in this product your transaction is safe and secure.

Has it worked for other people like us?

Unlike many of the other websites out there that make claims about baby gender selection but are unable to back them up Prince or Princess receives accolades from both happy parents and medical professionals alike. read what they have to say:

Angel, desperate for a baby girl, could not afford $20,000 for gender selection IVF. Instead she discovered Prince or Princess:

“You provided us the assurance that I needed. We followed your guide and now we have little Jolene. Your guide is the next best thing that has happened to us!” (Testimony from company website)

Coming from a conservative Chinese family, having at least one son was very important to Mandy to ensure she didn’t disappoint her husband and family:

“I was skeptical but knew I had nothing to lose. I can’t be any happier with my life now…I will recommend the Prince or Princess guide to all my friends as it worked very well for me!” (Testimony from company website)

Dr Sue Lyn, a gynecologist at the Women’s Specialist Center in Auckland, has congratulated Alicia, saying that not only is the book is well written and easily understood, it is also a “good natural preconception method” for people who want to choose the gender of their baby. (Testimony from company website)

Are there any shortfalls?

The steps and methods used in Prince or Princess are NOT 100% accurate and there is a 6% chance that even if you follow all the steps exactly you will not conceive the baby gender you want. This is also not a ‘how to get pregnant’ guide. If you are struggling with fertility issues this product is not designed to help you and you may be better off seeking advice that is more focused on fertility than gender.

How do I buy the Prince or Princess guide?

Prince or Princess GuideThis product is available to purchase online and comes as a downloadable eBook which means if you decide to buy it you will receive it immediately after purchase through Clickbank’s™ safe and secure checkout. To be sure that you receive the 60 day 100% money back guarantee and safe payment feature make sure you only purchase your copy from the official website.

Prince or princess is valued at $97 but is currently available at the discounted price of $47USD. You will also receive the “plan my baby ultimate edition” which includes the ‘healthy pregnancy guide’ and ‘breastfeeding secrets’ as your free bonus just for buying through the official website.

The final verdict

Based on my research into preconception baby gender selection I have found that the Prince or Princess guide is a good choice for couples who are serious about using a natural, safe and effective method to plan the family of their dreams. The steps are easy to follow, explained in detail and show proven results. This is also a much cheaper option than trying to manipulate the sperm and egg in a laboratory setting using IVF/PGD and it claims to have a higher success rate*.

Visit Official Website

*The information I found stated that the success of IVF/PGD was 93%. IVF= in-vitro fertilization PGD= pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.



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